Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A glimpse into our christms....

I hope everyone had a wonderful christmas!! Jonathan we sure did miss you and can not wait for you to get home so that we can have christmas all over again :) Twice in one year, aubrey will be sooo confused :)

Our christmas was WONDERFUL... but extremly busy.... we woke up early and opened presents and rushed over to mom and dads house.... we all got to talk to jonathan on the phone before and after opening presents. We all have so much fun with mawmaw, pawpaw, mamaw, brantley, ronnie, julia, mom, dad, andy,me, aubrey, and emmy. Mom always has all of the stockings laid out with our names on them and filled to the rim! How sad and such a reminder it was to see jonathans stocking still hanging up.... waiting on his return home. Then we all hand out the presents we bought for one another and enjoy each others company! Aubrey still doesnt know what happened yesterday all she knows is that there are toys all over our house and they are ALL for her :)

Andys parents house was nice and relaxing as always. We opened presents had a wonderful lunch and then.....aubrey, oh aubrey :) This may get alittle descriptive so skip to the next paragraph if you have a weak stomache :) You see for about the last 2 weeks we have had to put aubrey on a laxative.... we will just say things have not been working properly. Well at lunch we could all tell that aubrey was "doing her business" and well it started to stink so MarionLynn started to get her up to go change her when my sister-in-law Aby said "I think something is coming out of her pants leg" and HOLY COW was it ever! Attention everyone MiraLax WORKS :) Aubrey just as sweet as she could be just sat in her booster seat as Andy and Jason carried her still strapped in to her booster seat straight to the bath tub where we then SLOWLY peeled her pants off and her socks and shoes which were also contaminated with poo and proceeded to scrub her! We put her pajamas back on her and sent her off to take a nap while the rest of us tried to finish up our dessert and sit back and watch some classic hallmark movies :)

When Aubrey woke up we went to Mamaw's house where my moms side of the family gets together every Christmas Night. We play dirty santa and I have to say it can get PRETTY vicious but that is when it really gets fun ;) We came home put aubrey straight to bed and she did not make a peep until about 9:30 this morning, I was already out shopping but andy was very thrilled with the fact that she let him sleep in as well! I can hear her now waking up from her nap so it is time for my blogging to come to an end! I will try to post some more christmas pictures soon!

Love you & miss you Jonathan :)

Friday, December 21, 2007


It has been quite a while since my last post...... I have gotten in trouble by Jonathan for not posting often enough. So I will try to do better but no promises :)
For the last month Aubrey and I have passed back and forth an awful sounding cough and a runny nose. We are staying inside all day today and trying to get better before christmas....I have a few errands I am going to run this afternoon while she takes her nap and andy is home with her. We are just so busy there is no time to be sick so instead of resting and getting better we just stay busy and sick! We have either gone to someones house or had someone at ours every night this week including tonight we are swapping gifts with Glen and Amy at their house. Now that I have typed all of that out I realize that we are not staying home today and resting :) Oh well, there is just too much to do! I have about 4 more gifts to go buy including andys which he keeps telling me he doesnt want anything! He does it every year and every year I go buy him random things at the last minute that he doesnt even want.... so why will he not just give me a list and let me buy for me!!!! He is such a tight-wad!
I am really excited about christmas day!! I love going over to mom and dad's house we take emmy (our dog) and it is just a mess..... but so much fun and so many memories are made and remembered! Then we will go to andys parents house and make a pretty good mess there also :) And then we will probably all relax and watch tv while aubrey takes her nap, then it is off to Mamaw's house!! I can not even explain what all happens at mamaw's house.....
The day after christmas I will get up VERY early and go to walmart and get all of my christmas supplies for next year! I did that last year and it has been so nice not having to buy 1 roll of wrapping paper or ribbons or boxes. I shouldnt give out my secret... but it is just to good to not share!
But the whole reason for christmas is baby Jesus and sometimes we all get so wrapped up in presents and parties that we forget its not all about those things.... Yes they are fun but the reason for the season is Jesus! Mom has a nativity scene that is aubreys and she loves to carry "bby jsus" around and give him love. It is so sweet and I can not wait for the next couple of christmas's when she really understands who He is! I have to say it is so nice to know that while I am at work all during the week she is still learing about Jesus from her Momma Dee & also from ther Granna. That is priceless! And the best gift of all!
I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas full of fun and full of lots of lasting memories!
Love you all,