Thursday, July 31, 2008

Car Accident

This afternoon me and a co-worker were on our way back to work from lunch when a car pulled out in front of me and I hit him.... HARD! Andy's car is totaled! Mickey and I were both very shaken up crying and trying to find our phones, I finally found mine and called 911. The police, firemen, and ambulance arrived and I made the mistake of saying my neck and back were hurting.... the next thing I knew they were strapping me down to a back board and putting me in the ambulance. Off to the ER we went....sirens and all. Everything checked out fine... Mickey and I are both fine just really sore and it will probably only get worse before it gets better. Isn't it amazing how something like this can happen so fast, literally in the blink of an eye!

The real reason for this blog was not to inform you of my accident but to complain about how
in-sensitive the world is these days...... my car SLAMMED into someone else's car on HWY.31 in Pelham and do you know that not ONE person stopped to check on us.... cars just kept passing right by....NO one stayed to be a witness to what happend. I had to call 911 no one else called! What has happened to america! Do people only care for themselves these days?!?! How can someone watch this accident happen, pull over into the opposite lane and drive by.... I sure am glad that no one was hurt because who knows how long it would have been for someone to drive by and actually have a heart and call for help! I am just so disappointed with Society.

Andy is going to get some stuff out of the car tomorrow I am going to get him to take some pictures so I can share them will all of my blogging buddies!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

My Family

Before I started taking pictures of everyone's else's kids as a career.... I would take pictures of Aubrey ALL the time. I noticed the other day that I had not been taking as many pictures of my own child, so off to the park we went for a photo shoot :) She was more interested in sliding down the slide and swinging on the swing but I managed to sneak in a few pictures.