Monday, September 29, 2008

Drum Roll......

We are having a boy :)

No name yet though... we do not agree on anything :)

Friday, September 26, 2008


I finished editing Jonathan and Brantley's wedding pictures yesterday and I wanted to show off a few more.... There were a few shots that I fell in love with while I was editing! I bet if there was a camera watching me edit pictures we could win a million dollars! Sometimes I get so excited it is ridiculous :) I guess it is a good thing I love what I am doing since hopefully it will be full time someday.

*On a personal note* I have been really discouraged lately with my photography business because it has not taken off like I thought it would.... I have not been motivated to do anything to help that along because I am exhausted being four and a half months pregnant, working a full time job, and lugging around a 2 1/2 year old wearing a cast! I guess I thought over night that my own business would just explode well surprise, surprise! This is going to take work! I need an energy pick-me-up, something to get me motivated to get my name and my work out there. Something to make me get my rear-end up and WORK!

In other words if you know of anyone that needs a portrait session send them to my website or give them my e-mail address :) Thanks blogging friends!

I hope you enjoy the wedding pictures as much as I have!

Mom and I took Aubrey out for a photo session this morning hopefully I will have them edited tomorrow she cracks me up with her pink cast :)

Monday, September 15, 2008


We took Aubrey for a check-up on her leg today. I was so hoping they would change her cast out into a shorter cast that she could walk in. When we got to Children's South I signed her in and we waited for the x-ray tech to call us back. I began to look around....Aubrey's little broken leg is NOTHING compared to some of those kids. There was a boy who was in a body cast, one little girl who was all bruised up with broken legs and in a wheel chair. Kids were hobbling around everywhere. It was depressing to see all these kids hurting! After they called us back for her
X-ray the Dr. came in a told me that because of where Aubrey's brake is she would not be able to have a shorter cast. The fracture is right below her knee so he said if he puts her in a shorter cast the brake will not have enough support so her leg would not heal. I was very upset because I want her to be able to walk so bad... but the good news was she could have a water-proof cast. She did great, they cut the old cast off which was scary to me but she sat there like a big girl and they put her new water-proof one on. Her leg can now be totally submersed under water, she can take a bath, go swimming, play in the rain, whatever she wants to do! What else is there to do when your baby has a broke leg but she can swim but to GO TO THE BEACH! We are leaving tomorrow and we have probably lost our mind but we are going to have a good time! She obviously can not go to the beach and get sand or salt water in her cast but I don't like sand anyway, we are going to relax and sit at the pool and shop and play! I will post pictures next week!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Playing around

I got some new templates for my Christmas cards that I am going to make for people so of course I had to try them out on some of my own family shots :) The possibilities are endless with these things! I cannot wait to start making Christmas cards!!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008


We go to the Orthopedic Specialist next Monday to see if Aubrey can get a shorter cast that will allow her to walk. I am praying that her little leg is healed enough for that. I don't know how many times a day she looks at her cast and tells me "I can't walk on my cast." Like she thinks one of the times she makes that statement I am going to say "Yes you can!" So hopefully she CAN walk on her cast next Monday.

She was not feeling so well last night, I thought she felt like she had a fever but it didn't seem serious enough to fight her to take her temperature. She is on Ibuprofen and Tylenol so I was just hoping they would help with the fever plus I figured some of it was just that she was so exhausted and needed rest. So she and her Momma Dee spent all day playing and watching APT television and she seemed much better tonight. We even went for a stroll around the neighborhood which she really enjoyed! Before bedtime I washed her hair in the kitchen sink and gave her a bath with baby wipes and she hated EVERY second of it but I knew it would make her feel so much better to be clean. When I was finished she sat up and smiled real big and said "All clean!" She is so funny and such a joy, I love that little girl to pieces! Hopefully, if I get time I will add some more pictures soon!

She was showered with gifts yesterday which we all know a two year old LOVES! Her sunday school teachers made her cookies, Uncle Jonathan and Aunt Brantley gave her a new cabbage patch doll, Mrs. Vicki gave her a Monkey stuffed animal, Mrs. Jessica gave her a doll house, Amy & Glen gave her a Minnie mouse backpack with colors and flash cards and stickers inside, Momma Dee & Papa gave her a song book with a DVD to go with it, granna and granddaddy gave her some books and a balloon, Mr. Lee & Mrs. Anita gave her a stuffed animal kitty cat with a book to go with it and a magnetic doll with clothes that sticks to it and an alabama cheerleader uniform. So many people have come to see her and love on her and she is loving every second of it! Loren, Jennifer & Ainslee came over and ate supper and the girls rode around in the wagon and ate dinner in the wagon and watched movies on Mommy and daddy's bed. Needless to say she is beginning to like the cast.... or should I say she is really liking all the attention that comes along with the cast! Once the cast comes off I will have to bring her back down from princess land but for now I am just happy she is ok!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Relaxing in the Recliner

Could she look any more comfortable with a cast on? Popcorn, Milk, Paci, Quacks and Blanket close by.... sitting back relaxing watching Cinderella in her recliner!

Pretty in pink

We took aubrey this morning to her little friend Will's birthday party at Jump Zone. She was having a BLAST until I made her slide down the big slide and her leg got between me and the side of the slide. At first I thought her foot was hurt but then I realized she would not get down and walk at all. When I tried to make her walk she wouldn't put any pressure at all on her right leg. I called after hours and they told me to take her to Childrens hospital so off we went....

Two and a half hours later we are home with a beautiful pink cast all the way up to her thigh with a fractured leg. She is not sure about this thing on her leg and keeps telling me to "take it off!" Hopefully she will get used to it sooner than later. It will probably be a long uncomfortable couple of nights but we will make it through.

I will add some pictures later.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Another day....

Aubrey woke up this morning and decided she would be afraid of the potty. We have had this little pink potty for months now and she has never acted the way she acted today. I don't know if she was just tired of it or what but potty training did NOT happen today. At about lunch time I quit fighting with her and put her diaper on and decided I would try another day. We had NO successful trips to the potty today.

Oh well.....

Christmas Pictures

If you are interested in booking a session for Fall or Christmas pictures then go to


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I have a confession to make....

This morning's potty training was becoming very aggravating for me. Aubrey was fine and enjoying all the juice and cookies, what else could a two year old ask for right?!?! At about 10:30 I was ready to give up (pitiful I know) so I starting searching for tips on potty training on google. It is never a good thing when I start searching on google. I came across a "Potty Train Your Child in Three Days" I read the WHOLE page and believe me it was LONG, I kept waiting for the answer I knew there would be a great trick that would teach my child how to potty train. (Yeah Right!) At the VERY bottom of the page I realized that for one easy payment of $24.95 they would give me all the secrets and promised it would work! At that point I was contimplating it but I knew andy would kill me so I refused and kept searching for something free :) Then, I came across a website about how people are beginning to hire a potty trainer. Can I just tell you that is a WONDERFUL idea! I am sure there are some who disagree but after the potty filled day I have had I am ready to write a check :) Any takers?!?!?

I then read the comments that I had from yesterday's blog and I started setting my kitchen timer. Aubrey and I talked about what it meant when the timer went off and the first couple of times she would get excited and sit on the potty after the 50th 15 minute increment neither one of us were quite as enthusiastic. I do have to say that it did work pretty well but I am not sure that she is understanding the whole concept. I know everyone keeps saying it will click one day but for now I think she just thinks her mom has lost her mind and she better just go along with it. For anyone keeping score we had four successful trips to the potty and four accidents. I think that is a very good day.

On a side note I had the sweetest thing happen today with aubrey that I wanted to share. Every night aubrey and I have the same routine. Bath, kiss daddy good night, then we read Hop on Pop, Marvin K. Mooney, and I love you through and through. Then after that I sing Jesus Loves me, You are my sunshine, and twinkle twinkle. Well, I was playing on the computer this morning and aubrey was playing in her play room when all the sudden I heard aubrey talking to one of her babies then I heard her singing Jesus loves me. I snuck around the corner and saw my precious little girl rocking in her little rocking chair and holding her baby all wrapped up in a blanket singing Jesus Loves me! She looked up at me and said "SSSHHH! The baby is sleeping" I thought that was so sweet.

We will see what tomorrow brings....

Monday, September 1, 2008

Just in case you were wondering....

Today was the first day of potty training and although none of you really care to read about it, I thought I would keep everyone posted on the progress as the week goes on.

This morning I hung her potty chart in the bathroom and put her stickers on the counter and we talked about how we get a sticker on the chart and one for her shirt every time she goes on the potty. She didn't really seem to care but when I pulled the cookie box out AND the juice out she became a little more interested in all this potty stuff.

So, after hours of bribing and sitting on the potty we were successful! We (including Andy) all cheered jumped up and down and gave high fives! Even Aubrey jumped up off of the potty hands straight up in the air and yelled "I DID IT!" Then she politely asked for her sticker, her cookie, and her juice.

We will see what tomorrow brings..... if you do not care to keep up with the potty progress I suggest you skip my blog this week because whether I like it or not this whole potty thing is going to consume my life this week. If we are successful and close to being potty trained by the end of the week then I will be happy. If you just drop by my house this week, most likely you will find clothes piled up, dust on the furniture, and dog hair on the ground. I realized today that there is no time for regular house-hold chores when I am having to asked every 15 minutes if she wants to go to the potty and then we sit there for another 15 minutes for her to finally say "put diaper back on!"

Join me tomorrow night for another update....until then PRAY! (Is it OK to pray for potty training?) Maybe I should call Mamaw and tell her to add us to her prayer list this week.