Monday, March 31, 2008

Turn up your speakers....

I have music now.... enjoy while you read :)

I do not have anything to blog about today.... I have pictures to edit when I am finished with them I will post them for everyone to see :)


Friday, March 28, 2008


Brantley talked to jonathan tonight..... Thank God!!!! This is the most worried I have been the whole time he has been over there.... it is definatly time for him to come home. I dont know how much of that I can handle :)
So glad you are safe for now Jon. Love you!


Ok! I admit it... I am worried..... I am trying not to be but I am! It has been a few days since we have heard from jonathan.... a million things pass through my mind, while I try very hard to keep it positive things, things that are not so postive seem to sneak into my mind. How many times a day can someone say... "Get behind me Satan!" Well for me it is quite a few times.... Thank goodness I have a God that immediatly comforts and sends encouraging thoughts....encouraging scripture will automatically pop into my brain.... and I know He is in control, He knows where Jonathan is and what he is doing. When we do finally hear from him or when Jonathan reads mine, mom's, and julia's post he is going to think we are silly.... but lets be honest he isn't sitting at home waiting on our calls from Iraq. He is the one in the middle of War and while he is busy working we are checking our phones to make sure we have a dial tone.... or checking our cell phones to make sure we have service at all times! Or.... checking our blog and his blog to see if there has been a post. We love you jonathan!!!! We are praying for you daily and we can not wait for our "Jon-Jon" to come home!
I love these pictures :)

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Mom, Amy, and I all went to the University of Montevallo to take pictures of the girls. We had a blast!!!! I took over 300 pictures and I have had a really hard time picking out which pictures to put up on the blog. Everytime I look at them I have a new favorite.... I made add some more later but for now..... I hope you enjoy our Easter/Spring Pictures

Friday, March 21, 2008

An interesting Spring Break....

The start of my week was not how I had planned it and the whole week has pretty much gone the same, so lets just start at the beginning....

I woke up to my alarm Monday morning at 5:45 and felt my tummy rumbling but thought nothing of it until my alarm went off again at 5:55 and I had to make a mad dash to the bathroom just in time to round the corner and ring the toilet. Yes, everyone once again someone in the Stewart household was sick! This is the first time in years I think that I have actually been throw-up sick and might I remind you just in case it has been awhile for you also.... it is AWFUL! For some STUPID reason I thought I would tough it out and go to work, I only had to work monday and tuesday of this week so I could make it....NOT! I arrived at work on time somehow, I got all the equipment turned on things put in the appropriate place before anyone else arrived and then I went and sat in the break room still thinking.... " I can do this", "I am tough!" The other girls began arriving and I could feel myself turning a beautiful green, the all asked me if I was ok, told me to leave because they did not want it and I still refused..... I was fine! I decided to let the other assistant get the first patient of the day back while I sat down for just a few more minutes, I called my mom she reinforced the fact that I had lost my mind and I should be in bed. About the time I hung up the phone once again I had to take off running for the toilet..... I made it again and I will not test my quickness anymore....."Attention everyone, I am going home!" It is now 7:30, I officially made it 45 minutes at work before I had to turn around and go home. Once I got home it was back in the Pajamas to rest up for the next days work.....NOT! After a nice little nap from 8:15-9:30 the sickness began to come in 15 minute increments, about the time I would get comfortable.... I would once again be racing for the nearest trash can, toilet, bowl, anything! At about 4:00pm, when the throwing up was still going strong I finally decided SOMEONE in calera had to have some phenegran and I would search them out, one person at a time. I called mom, no luck..... amy, no luck.... it was only my 3rd phone call that I hit the jack pot and I said Andy will be there in 5 minutes. I had no idea how I could keep it down but my goodness it WOULD stay in my stomache long enough to around 5:00pm the throwing up finally ceased and the rest began...... by this point, my back hurts I am laying on a heating pad my stomache hurts, I am hugging a pillow and everytime I looked at myself in a mirror the brown circles under my eyes looked even browner and I looked... and felt like I was wasting away. Talk about a diet plan! I looked like I was about to die, I felt like I was going to die and honestly it is 4 days later now and I dont even think I am exaggerating!

At 10:30 that night I woke up to take another phenegran and andy informed me that I needed to set my alarm clock, "just in case I feel ok to go to work the next day" he said. I smiled and agreed.... woke up at 7:15am the next morning turned my alarm off rolled over and went back to sleep. I then woke up at 10:oo am got up stumbled to the refrigerator to get some sprite, I returned to the bed and proceeded to sleep until 3:30 that afternoon! I was a sick puppy, I wouldn't wish that on my enemy!

Wednesday came and I HAD to find aubrey some shoes to match her easter dress, and I needed to find something to wear so mom took my up to the shopping center we got done what needed to get done and she took me home for one more wonderful nap before Aubrey returned home. If you have not red the blog before this one then scroll down read it and then return here.... that should catch you up on the life of Aubrey :)

Needless to say, we are now on our 3rd night of screaming at bed time..... wednesday night was the worse and it lasted until 1:00am..... I probably allowed it to go on so long because I still felt sick....but I have no excuse for last night, just weakness..... she looks so pittiful crying! So tonight I was strong.... I bathed her, read a book, sang a few songs, prayed with her, kissed her good night and put her in the bed. I then returned every ten minutes for 40 minutes.... then I waited for 15 min. increments... I only had to do that twice and she is asleep. Alittle over an hour and she is asleep and I get to blog :) I am praying and crossing my fingers that she will sleep all night and everything I read says that if I stand my ground this should only last about a week. I will let you know in 6 days how it is going :)

Thursday I took aubrey to the park and we played for about an hour and a half, it reminded me how bad I want to be home with her.... how I want to be a "mommy" everyday and do "mommy" things 8-5 not dental things. I know God will provide, I know everything will work out.... I know, I know , I know.... but there is still that small voice in my head that says, it will never work. So, to update the prayer request, I am working on getting a business license for my photography... as soon as that happens I really feel like I will be able to work my way out of work :) I know I will still be working (ie: taking pictures) but I will love being home more and being able to fix my own schedule..... I will love being able to go to the park, and swim at the pool, on days other than the weekend when the rest of the world is there also. God will make a way..... I know it!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Terrible Twos....

Where has my daughter gone? There is a 22 month old child sleeping in her bed but it is NOT my Aubrey! If you would have talked to me a week ago I would have gone on and on about how this stage in Aubreys life is my favorite. We are learning to communicate with each other, she loves her momma so much, she loves to hug on me and play with my hair and cuddle and sing, a week ago she was my biggest fan, and I was hers. Fast forward to this week and I can not figure out where my little angel has gone! My precious princess has turned into a whiney, grunting, crying, pictching fits, annoying two year old! I guess it is the terrible twos coming alittle early.... I would hate to know that it will get worse from here. If I look at her wrong, say something wrong, or not agree with Queen Aubrey these days she turns into an angry little girl! I guess I am so shocked by this all because a week ago I thought I was so lucky! I had the best little girl in the world.... now, I am beginning to eat those words. I am not a normal mom, I was not a big fan of having a newborn. It was not that I didn't love her because I did and I was and still am very grateful for the gift that God gave Andy and I when he gave us Aubrey. But with all that said I did not function well with her as a newborn. I always wanted babies... I love babies but when it was mine waking up all hours of the night and screaming and crying and throwing up and pooping 10 times a day I was not prepared for all of that!! I had babysat for people, I had even kept some babies that were pretty much newborn and I LOVED it, but I could go home and mom and dad had to deal with the up all night sleepless nights. So anyway, most new moms just love waking up to their precious little baby and they love spending those early morning hours listening to there little princess cooing and talking, not me! I loved it when we could play and she was sitting up and learning to crawl and learning who I was and who andy was. I love it when I go pick her up from nursery and she is so excited! A month ago I wanted to rock her to sleep and she didn't even want me to she just wanted me to put her in her bed and let her sleep. This last week we fight for an hour just to get her in the bed then it is another hour before she even thinks about going to sleep. I know people say let them cry for 10 mintues check on them lay them back down and walk back out of the room, if this has worked for you please give me a call because all it does for Aubrey is get her that much more fired up! I am not a mom who doesn't believe in punishing for acting up.... trust me aubrey is not a child who has always gotten what she has wanted. I just want my Aubrey back, does anyone know when that might happen? I did see a glimpse this afternoon when I took her in the back yard to play, she has loved being outside since she was a newborn with colic. When she was just a few weeks old we had to buy patio furniture because we were spending so much time outside. We would take her swing out in the back yard and just sit there until the sun went down. So now she is always wanting to go outside and it is finally warming up so that we can spend our afternoons playing on the swing set....below are a few pictures from this afternoon.... dont let the sweetness fool you, as soon as we walked back in the house the whining began again.
It is a good thing she is so cute
She is singing Jesus Loves me in the picture above

Friday, March 7, 2008

Check it out....

I have a new blog... check it out it is Please continue to pray that God will continue to open doors that need to be opened and close doors that need to be closed. I am in the process of getting ready to sign up with a printing company which means I will be in business.... they like to see some pictures I have already taken to make sure I know alittle bit of what I am doing. So a photographer friend of mine told me to start a blog and put pictures up of the sessions I have done and that I hopefully will do :) Hopefully it wont be long and I will be able to take orders and deliever professional photos!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I am home with a sick baby AGAIN! She was up until 2:30am throwing up about every ten minutes, I FINALLY got her to go to bed and she woke back up at 6:00. Fortunatly she has only gotten sick once this morning so hopefully she is over it! I think the final count was 4 pairs of pajamas, three baths, three sets of sheets, eight towels, 4 blankets, and I changed my clothes three times :) So you can imagine what my house looked like and smelled like this morning because at some point during the night we stopped bathing and stopped changing clothes and just decided to sleep in it :) The washer and dryer have been running ALL day to get all the sheets and clothes clean....I got up and decided I am tired of getting sick and Aubrey getting sick so if it can be cloroxed ( is that a word) it is and EVERYTHING is getting Lysol. So NOW can you imagine what my house smells like :) HaHa we have gone from one nasty mess to a totally sterilized house. I still have to vacuum and mop the floor but Aubrey is taking her nap so I do not dare make any noise that might wake the sleeping beast :) ( I will be in trouble for that comment from her Momma Dee) Mom is going to bring her Kirby Vacuum cleaner over so I can shampoo the carpets in aubrey's room because the smell is still lingering. I can not imagine how people do this with more than one kid. I guess it is kindof the same as last night you are just fighting for survival. I felt so sorry for her though she had no idea what was happening and couldn't understand why I wasn't doing anything about it... I am so glad that night is over! Hopefully tonight will run alittle smoother.