Friday, June 20, 2008


The Definition of Transparent - Capable of transmitting light so that objects or images can be seen as if there were no intervening material. Easily seen through or detected; obvious

Am I transparent? Am I capable of being transparent? I have a big mouth and I love to talk.... but does my mouth ever really let anyone know who I am? Am I capable of tearing off the masks and allowing others to see ME!

These are all things I am working on, I will get back to everyone on this subject.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Parents Magazine

Ok, call me crazy but I have put aubrey in the Parents Magazine photo contest. I have to have ALOT of people rate her picture and I figured what better place than on my blog to BEG for voters :) If you do not mind taking a moment please go to Aubrey...the way the website works is I need you to click on Recommended and click on the five stars..... she has to be recommended the most and have the most five star rating.... for some reason they wanted me to upload 6 photos which means everyone has to go through all 6 photos and recommend and rate EACH photo. I am pretty sure she will not win because there are like 54000 pictures but I thought it would be fun :) If you know anyone that might help me out just pass the website address around.... I would really appreciate the help!

If you can not figure out the website just e-mail me and I will explain it in a more detailed fashion.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Father's Day

I know I am a couple days behind.....

Happy Father's Day!!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008


I just wanted to asked the ladies who know me to be praying for me.... I have some stressful and hurtful things going on at work right now. I do not always handle the situation the right way.... the last couple of weeks I have seen how two-faced and back stabbing people can be. I am very disappointed in the people I work with and in myself. I just want to ask everyone to be praying that everything will be setteled soon or that God would open up another opportunity for me. When I already desire to be a stay at home mom it is very hard to get up and go to work at a place that can be very discouraging. Today was a bad day..... I try to not bring it home to andy and aubrey but days like today I really can't help but to just come home down and discouraged.

Thank you for your prayers.....

Thursday, June 12, 2008

A week of first's

So this week has been an interesting week.... work is CRAZY, and coming home to a two year old is even CRAZIER! I only had to work Mon-Wed this week so I got the bright idea of painting aubreys play room. We started painting tuesday night, it is thursday and it is still not finished.... it is kindof hard to find time to paint a room when I am having to make sure Aubrey is not getting into the paint. Things like this went ALOT faster before a child came into the picture. Thanks to Jonathan and Brantley for coming over tuesday night and helping us get the first coat of paint on, if yall had not come over we would probably still be working on the first wall :)

Back to the original reason for this post..... I decided a couple of months ago to buy a potty so that when summer started we would start working on potty training. I am not going to push aubrey into potty training I am just trying to slowly introduce and hope she takes the bait. Up until this week she has HATED the potty. I have bribed her a couple of times to just sit on the potty but she would only sit down and then immediatly stand back up. Well, mom had told me about a garfield comic book that aubrey liked to read and mom only allowed her to read it while sitting on the potty, tuesday mom and aubrey were up in her bathroom brushing aubrey's hair and getting her ready for the day and mom got a call from Julia.... I am not real sure about the whole story all I know is mom was talking on the phone and aubrey was in the bathroom without a diaper on and mom noticed that something started to trinkel down aubrey's leg so mom said "Oh No!" and aubrey stopped peeing so mom hurried and sat her on the potty, aubrey sat there for a few minutes and finally..... she tee-tee'd in the potty!!!!! Mom said Aubrey got a big smile on her face and sordof Gasped when she heard it in the potty!! I realize this is no where close to being potty trained but you have to start somewhere right?!?!? I am a very proud mom! So the rest of the week I have really encouraged her to sit on her potty.... I snapped a picture I hope no one finds it offensive or inappropriate, I think it is pretty cute :)

The other first for this week is a boo-boo, she has fallen and scraped her knees a few times she even back when she was barely walking fell and had a bloody nose but I feel like this is our first really obvious boo-boo. I am not real sure how it happened, I put aubrey down for her nap this afternoon and I snuggled in to the couch to watch tv for an hour or so and all of the sudden I heard a loud boom and her crying!! I ran into her bedroom thinking somehow she had fallen out of her bed.... she had not fallen out but she had this bad scrape under her nose :( She cried for a long time.... I finally got her back to sleep for her nap, when she woke up from her nap I was afraid it would bother her but she has not even acted like she notices it. Andy thinks it may scab over.... I hope not but if so it will heal..... we just won't be taking any family photos for the next couple of weeks :)

I hope to have pictures of Aubrey's finished play room in the next couple of weeks.... hopefully we will be finished painting this weekend, I guess we will see if aubrey allows it or not :)

I hope everyone has a great weekend and a wonderful father's day!