Friday, April 24, 2009


Our little guy is two months old!
I love watching him laugh,
at times I will turn upside down on my head
to convince that little mouth to smile at me.

He has everyone around him wrapped around his finger,
including his big sister!
He loves to lay in Aubrey's bed after nap time and "talk" to us.

I can't believe how time is flying and as much as I
want to see him grow up I also want time to stand still!
Things seem to be moving entirely to fast
but we will enjoy every minute of it together,
as a family of four.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

My beautiful family

The first picture of the four of us together that
I will allow to be on my blog. :)
I couldn't believe that Aubrey was actually looking at the camera,
half smiling, I don't look like I have been wrestling with her,
and we all look half way put together.
I am learning the more I take pictures of her
the harder it is to take pictures of her.
She HATES to have her picture made and
most of the time will not acknowledge me
when I have a camera.
Today she allowed us a few pictures before falling apart.
I just love my sweet little family!
In a few weeks my sweet friend Samantha from His Hands Photographs is going to photograph my whole side of the family. Jonathan is leaving for Afghanistan in a few months so Julia & Ronnie are coming in town for a weekend to spend with him before he leaves. I contacted Samantha and she agreed to a session with Mom & Dad, Julia & Ronnie, Jonathan & Brantley, Me and Andy, Aubrey &Barrett. Whew! That makes me tired just thinking about that. Did I mention the only time that worked out for us is on a Saturday morning at 8:00am AND the same day as Aubrey's birthday party? Samantha, you will never know what a blessing you are for providing my family with your beautiful photographs!