Monday, February 23, 2009

Alittle Disappointment

I checked into the hospital this morning to being the induction, Dr. Hancock was going to be there around 8:00 to break my water and soon I should have been having a baby! Well, we had a change of plans..... when she came in to break my water she said it felt like Barrett's hands were above his head so she wanted to do an ultrasound. I immediatly start asking a million questions, all of my questions were answered when they wheeled in the ultrasound and said that sometime between last tuesday and today he had totally flipped himself around and he was now feet first. Instead of my "simple" delivery that Dr. Hancock and been promising me since 35 weeks I would be going in for a C-Section. I was ok, alittle worried just because no one really wants to be cut on but still I was ready to meet my little guy. After about half an hour passed the nurse came back in and said Dr. Hancock was not feeling well and she didn't want to be in the Operating Room while sick and take the chances of getting me or the baby sick. Since she was sick all the other Dr's were having to take on her clinic pt's so they would not be able to come over and do the C-section. I pretty much begged to just stay in the hospital over night but because of insurance I was sent home and told to return in the morning at 5:30 for a scheduled C-section at 7:30. So they removed the GIGANTIC IV that is probably more painful than labor itself "which my sweet nurse actually asked if she could leave in the port that way they only had to hook me back up in the morning, she was turned down by her boss". But really have you had that IV!?!?! Out of everything that happened with my labor with Aubrey the one thing that stuck out the most was the IV and now I get to have it twice with Barrett.... thanks buddy! So, we will start all over in the morning, sticking me, taking blood, listening to heart beats and then wheeling me to the OR. Barrett will have to be in the NICU for a few hours and I will stay in the hospital an extra day for healing time. I had plans to try and make it to the Moms of Mulitples sale this friday but now I am afraid my plans have changed since I will be checking out of the hospital. Which means, mom, andy's mom, and my sweet friends will have to go for me and fight the crazy woman at the consignment sale :) Hopefully I will be updating with some pictures of our little guy tomorrow sometime..... I can't make any promises because now I will be hooked up to a Morphine pump!!

Please pray that everything goes smoothly tomorrow and also pray for my sweet Aubrey, it will now be 5 days before she comes back home.....I want this to be a smooth transition for her and this just sordof changed all of our plans!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


I just thought I would update everyone....I really need to upload some recent pictures of Aubrey but honestly I just don't feel like it! :)

I have started having this pretty constant pain, I am VERY tired all the time and pretty much mad at the world. :) (Poor Andy & Aubrey) I thought about going to the hospital yesterday because I think I was having contractions. Honestly I am not sure what they feel like since I was enduced with Aubrey. From what everyone tells me it is unbearable and I will definatly know when they are happening. Yesterday it was just an aggravating pain but not unbearable pretty much all day. The last thing I want is to be sent home from the hospital and feel silly. So, I did what any other person would have done I went out with some girl friends to see a movie....who knows it could be my last hoorah for alittle while.

I really thought he would be here by now! If what I am experiencing is contractions then maybe I just have a high tolerance for pain. My next appt. is Tuesday at 8:00am maybe then she will tell me I have made some more progress. Until then I may just only get out of bed when Aubrey insist! For the last two days Aubrey and I have both layed in my bed till 10:00am watching her movies. Although it is not the most healthy thing for a 2 year old I have enjoyed just spending time with her.

I totally forgot to get Aubrey anything for Valentines day, so today while Andy was at Upward I took her to the Dollar Store and told her she could pick out anything she wanted!! Talk about a happy little girl. Isn't it amazing that we think we need to spend all this money on our children, when in all honesty I probably had the happiest two year old in the neighborhood today because she picked out hershey's kisses and curly straws! We finger painted her daddy a card and she was SOOO excited about that! As soon as he walked in the door she screamed "I made you a card today daddy!!" I am pretty sure he loved it as well :)

As much as I talk about being ready for Barrett to be here I am alittle bit terrified! We have gotten in such a good routine around here I know throwing a newborn in the mix is going to shake things up quite abit! So, I am going to try and enjoy this next week, the sleep, the quietness, the simpleness, because on Feb. 23rd. I will check into the hospital in the morning and come home two days later with a new little blessing!

This blog was totally scattered but I am watching a movie and trying to blog and well the two don't mix really well.

Maybe the next time I am updating will be from the hospital, we will see!!!