Friday, June 12, 2009

We made the blog...

So my sweet friend Samantha took family photos of Andy, me, & the kids a few weeks ago and we made it on her blog.... check us out! (click on out, for some reason it is showing up the same color as all the other font.) If you would like to see more then visit her webpage (click on webpage.) click on enter portraits and then go to proofing beside view gallery type in Stewart if you want to see the whole Warren clan. That is right ALL 10 of us. That photo shoot is a story in itself. We had to have the picture taken THAT day because Julia & Ronnie were going back home and Jonathan was leaving in a week. There was a tornado coming literally like 15 minutes away but we HAD to get the shot. My sweet friend Samantha with husband and kids in tow snapped these fantastic shots and some how made us all look like we weren't running around like a bunch of chickens with our heads cut off!!! We will all cherish those pictures forever!! If you want to see the shoot she did a week later of our little family of four then type in Stewart1. I hope you enjoy! While you are there take a look around her site, she is fantastic.


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Angela said...

Oh my....those pics made my heart melt. She is an amazing photographer. Thank you for sharing. What an awesome memory keepsake..just Beautiful.